Aval Akkare Ras (475 ml)

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Mfg. lic. No. : 585AYU
Net volume : 475ml.
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Mfg. by: ISO & GMP certified Co. AMV Botanics Pvt. Ltd. J-384, Sitapura, Jaipur-22 INDIA

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Due to natural product slight variation in colour, taste & flavour may occur.

Suggested Usage

Shake well before use.
15-20 ml. twice daily or as directed by the physician.
Store in a cool and dry place.
Keep away from direct sun light.
Consume within 1 month from the opening of the lid.
Do not purchased if the bottle is leaked or puffed.


Each 10ml. contains:

Kasis sudha Ext. 10mg.
Daru harida Ext. (beriberi aristata) rhizome 1mg.
Chireta Ext. (swertia) panchang 1mg.
Kabab chini Ext. (piper cubeba) bud 2mg.
Jalap Ext. (ipomoea turepethum) panchag 2mg.
Bach Ext. (acorus calamus) panchag 2mg.
Shivlingi Ext. (bryonia laciniosa) seed 2mg.
Nagkesar Ext. (mesua forrea) flower 5mg.
Clove Ext. (caryophyllus aromaticus) bud 5mg.
Tajpat Ext. (cinamomum cassia) leaf 5mg.
Pippli Ext. (pipper longum) seed 5mg.
Guduchi Ext. (tinospora cordifolia) stem 5mg.
Vidnga Ext. (embelia ribes) panchag 5mg.
Anantmul Ext. (hemidesmum indicus) root 5mg.
Deodar Ext. (cedrus deodara) bark 7mg.
Jatamansi Ext. (nardostachys jatamansi) root 10mg.
Bale Ext. (side cordifolia) fruit 10mg.
Mango Ext. (mangifera indica) seed 10mg.
Bad chhal Ext. (ficus bengalensis) bark 10mg.

Shalimali Ext. (bombax malabarcium) rhyzome 10mg.
Beal Ext. (aegle marmelos) fruit 10mg.
Catechu Ext. (acacia catechu) bark 10mg.
Ginger Ext. (zingiber offcnalis) rhyzome 10mg.
Bhring raj Ext. (eclipta alba) panchag 10mg.
Zeera Ext. (cuminum cyminum) seed 10mg.
Harir Ext. (terminalla chebula) fruit 20mg.
Lodhra Ext. (sympolocos racemosa) bark 20mg.
Amla Ext. (emblica officinalis) fruit 20mg.
Ashwgandha Ext. (withania somnifera) root 20mg.
Kamala Ext. (nelubium speciosum) rhyzome 20mg.
Bahera Ext. (terminalia belerica) fruit 20mg.
Jamun Ext. (Eugenia jambolana) fruit 40mg.
Musta Ext. (cyperus rotundus) seed 60mg.
Shatawari Ext. (asparagus racemosus) root 100mg.
Dashmool Ext. (dashmool) root 100mg.
Ashoka Ext. (saraca indica) bark 400mg.

Other ingredients:

Xenthum gum, citric acid, sorbitol, and glycerine sod. Methyl paranen, sod. Propyl paraben, sod. EDTA, bronopol & D.M. water.

Key Benefits



Garbha Staphaka

Raktha vardhaka




Stanya Kshaya



Rasa, Rakta Dushtu-Indicated

Ovulation Disorders


Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)- Infection of female reproductive organs

Drugs listed – Trials suggestive of its role in normalizing FSH,LH required for women's well-being

Post Natal care

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