Who We Are

Super Royal Holidayz India Pvt Ltd is a leading Referral Marketing Company Head-Quartered in Bangalore, Dedicated to bringing today's consumers the most superior products,services and lifestyle.

SUPER ROYAL HOLIDAY INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED (SRHIPL) located in Bangalore, is a leading company in Tour Membership Marketing. SRHIPL provides the best services in Tourism to its members and sees that all the members would enjoy the trip to the utmost satisfaction. Its obvious that people share their satisfaction with their known contact, to realize their tour dreams. To encourage this, those who refer these services with their friends and relatives would work as Executives. These executives will be eligible to get a portion of the company’s profit which could be called as commission in commercial language.

There is no compulsion that the member of the company to work as an executive, they can just opt for the Trips in the company, its just an option to the members. Once the member agrees for the terms and conditions of the company and interested to take a membership in the company, there won’t be any refund, whatsoever. There is a team of executives who will guide the new members who would like to work as a successful executive like them. These Executive Leaders would be working according to the company’s rules and regulations for mutual benefit of both the company and the executive to promote the membership plan in the society. This will give an opportunity for the members who would like to work as executives to upgrade their financial condition. This company is committed to provide the best services to the utmost satisfaction in tours to its Members, they can utilize this opportunity to grow in the society.

One Trust, One Strength, One Bonding Relation, Ultimate Satisfaction, an opportunity to grow financially.

Your Dream World, Dream to fly