Dear Members,


Dear Customers,

There is a Small change in your Edit profile. Going forward below mentioned contents can be edited by yourself.

DOB , Gender , Email ID, Pin code, PAN,

City, AADHAR Number, Nominee age, Nominee Relation.

Going forward no need to send this above information to the company for correction. It can be corrected from the respective ID Login Page.


For your kind information Money back & Tour option is visible in the respective ID’s of the Users, who have qualified for the same. Please click as per your requirement.


Dear members,

Service charge amount for domestic and international trips is been increased. This is been applicable for those who will get trip date confirmation from 01 Sep 2018 onwards.

Domestic trips

  1. Goa – 4500/-
  2. Shirdi – 5500/-
  3. Ooty – 5500/-
  4. Kodaikanal – 5500/-
  5. Mahabaleshwara – 7000/-
  6. Hyderabad – 7000/-

International trips

  1. Bangkok & pattaya – 21000/-
  2. Malaysia – 35000/-
  3. Dubai – 48000/-


Note: This service charge variation is applicable for old plan members.


  1. Goa – 6000/-
  2. Shirdi – 7000/-
  3. Ooty – 7000/-
  4. Kodaikanal – 7000/-
  5. Mahabaleshwara – 7000/-
  6. Hyderabad – 8000/-


Note: This service charge variation is applicable for new plan members.


Dear Leaders,

  1. For your kind attention, please do note while logging new customer update the contact number of the respective login user of the new ID while logging them. The respective numbers will get calls from company Call centre. If the contact details updated incorrectly then the call will not go to the new user/customer for verification. Hence it is mandatory to update correct contact number while logging new customer.
  2. Please update correct address of the customers in login page to receive the product courier to respective address. If failed to update the same please correct it by contacting company customer care number if not the courier might not reach them in time.

We appreciate your understanding.

Thank you,


Royal Holidays management