Dear Members,

Dear Royal Members,
The Management has decided to extended the ‘’Royal Dream Contest" for 2 more weeks, upto 24th May 2019.
Grab this Golden Opportunity and Achieve the Best you can!
Fly Thai!

Dear Royal Members,

After considering the suggestion from Leaders, we have decided to extend the Cut-off Date for Old Plan and New Plan Achievements.

Grab this Golden Opportunity and achieve the best you can!

New Plan Cut-off Date: 29th March, 2019

Old Plan Cut-off Date: 29th March, 2019

Gift Rewards issued from 4th April 2019.

Cash Rewards issued from 16th April 2019.


Kindly inform one day before of achievement details to awards & rewards department you can collect the achievement on next working days.

For clarification please call +91 8884673777 & email ID:

Dear Royal Members,

We will not provide any permissions to organise NDO program, or other company related programs, where there will be people gathering more than 100 numbers, until the completion of Lok Sabha 2019 Elections.

In case of organising any important programs, organisers shall seek special permission from the company, with prior notice.

For clarification Contact 8151847111.

Dear Members,

  • Achievement will be Considered only if achievement is done before cut-off date for rewards.
  • Achievers should inform company executive one day prior to the company while coming to collect their Achievement.
  • Achievements will be given only to the respective ID holders, Representative are not allowed.
  • New Plan Achievement will be announced quarterly.
  • After 14th Jan 2019, other than Taxes & Administration charges Rs. 3500/- for Bike Achievers & Rs. 10,000/- for Car achievers will be deducted towards coupons provided.
  • After 10 PM website can’t be used for Pins Login.
  • Pins taken should be logged in within 4 days from the date of issue, otherwise pins will be Lapsed.
  • If double Pins issued is not cleared, Income will be kept on hold.
  • If KYC of members are not updated sponser’s Income will be kept on hold.